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Private jet Turkey charter in other words jet charter, is a luxury form of individual or corporate transport. Private jets in Turkey and around the world are basically divided into four main categories: light jet, medium jet, heavy jet and VIP aircraft. Under these categories there are sub-categories such as super light jet, super mid-size jet and ultra long-range jet, which is usually determined by cabin dimensions.

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Ultra-long-range aircraft charter are categorised by their range, as they are equipped with extended fuel tanks. There are many categories according to engine type, such as single-engine, turboprop and turbojet. Private jet Turkey are the most luxurious and easy way of air transport. Passengers use a separate General Aviation Terminal, which offers a range of VIP facilities such as private VIP lounges, crew rest rooms and fast access to the aircraft.

private jet turkey

In-flight services are specially designed according to the comfort of passengers. These services include internet access, showers, bedrooms, conference rooms, separate cabins, etc. The Private jet Turkey charter process usually starts with a simple phone call or online flight request. After selecting the right jet, the operator makes various arrangements such as landing permit to the destination country, airport slot, PPR, flight permits for the countries on the route and airport handling services depending on the route.


These arrangements are extremely important because they can directly affect your departure time and sometimes cause the cancellation of the flight. Therefore, it is important to work with a professional operations team such as GoJet Aviation. Prices for private jet flights are usually quoted in all-inclusive packages and these prices are usually based on the hourly rate of the jet, so flight time is the main determinant of cost.

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Jet flights can be organised to and from Turkey from around the world. This allows customers to choose the jet aircraft and programme they want, from departure point to their desired destination. The private/business/executive charter jet flights we organise, including flights within Turkey, offer our clients a wide choice.


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