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Technological advances in aviation services have greatly influenced the way private jet applications operate. In recent years we have seen significant advances in aircraft design, inflight amenities and the overall travel experience.

GoJet Aviation is at the forefront of this evolution, adopting the latest limitation to meet the increasing distances of private jet travellers while continuing its services. From the latest Bombardier CRJ-550 Bombardier CRJ-550 flight with first class to state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment systems, GoJet is committed to the development of an exceptional travel experience.

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GoJet Aviation: Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter offers a variety of aircraft options to meet discerning capacities and preferences. High-powered luxury jets such as the HondaJet or G150 offer an unparalleled sense of freedom and speed, making them popular choices among the elite following.

Some types of private jets available for charter are:

  • Light jets
  • Medium size jets
  • Super mid-size jets
  • Heavy jets
  • Turboprops
  • Helicopters

Jet Fuelling Services

The growth of the service is crucial as it enables efficient jet fuel services replenishment, continuous operations and reduces delays for passengers and cargo. Customers are able to enjoy a more flexible and convenient travel experience when changing charter flights with a private jet charter service such as GoJet Aviation.

By ensuring timely and efficient refuelling processes, these services can help passengers save on fares, facilitate busy work schedules and offer a more advantageous and privileged flying experience.

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The aviation industry uses various types of jet fuel and Jet A1 fuel is one of the common ones. This type of fuel, consisting mainly of kerosene, is flammable and has special conditions for storage and transport.

Factors to consider during fuel forecasting include aircraft type, tank capacity, the amount of fuel burned per hour and the average cost of jet fuel in the region. GoJet Aviation provides services by distributing private jet charter, ground handling and Jet A1 refuelling, enabling markets to access the appropriate fuel type for their aircraft.

Jet Maintenance and Spare Parts

Regular jet maintenance is very important in ensuring the durability, reliability and continuity of private jets. Proper maintenance not only prolongs life, but also helps to repair possible accidents and repairs. It also allows for the organisation of parts and the distribution of industry layout. Some important parts of regular jet maintenance are:

  • Inspection and maintenance of engines, flight sets and avionic systems
  • Aircraft interruption and fatigue control
  • Assessment and maintenance of aircraft safety certificate
  • Updating navigation data and softwareWhen it comes to sourcing quality spare parts for private jets, it is essential to work with reputable places. Doing so ensures that the required performance and safety standards are met.

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Aviation Future of GoJet

With GoJet Aviation, you can benefit from many additional services and features to further extend your private jet experience. These include more than 160 daily flights to more than 50 destinations, totalling more than 160 United Airlines-exclusive flights. As the exclusive carrier of United Airlines, GoJet is proud to operate Bombardier's latest model aircraft CRJ-550, which offers comfort and speed in equal measure.

Whether travelling for business or leisure, private jet travel provides unparalleled comfort, allowing passengers to travel according to their preferences and schedules.

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